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What is it?

strip poker sexy poker

The Strip Poker game, created by Uplay-Istrip is a Texas hold'em, the most famous and played variant of the poker game. It's a no limit poker, of course in its strip version.

Such as every games of the range, the strip-poker game comports interactive videos. The immersion feeling is complete. The strips are delicious. It's a new concept, revolutionizing the world of adults' games. You won't play anymore with pointless games, seeing shoddy picts!
The aim of the game is naturally to make a bid and to win the pot. Even though, if you succeed in winning and making your adversary lose enough money, she has to take off a garment in order to keep on playing.

Your sexy adversaries keep on playing even if they are naked, you must have taken all their money away to win. You can play against one to four players.

Is it a real poker game?

strip poker sexy poker

It's a video game! You won't loose any money... Nethertheless, you'll absolutely have to be careful because each of your adversaries, besides being very sexy, has her own personality and knows how to bluff. This game has nothing to do with all the classical strip poker games. Don't expect to have a full house every hands, don't neither expect to play against adversaries who'd have as random as absurd reactions. Every probability has been scrupulously respected. In order to play, the players base themselves on their own deck as well as the other players' reactions during the previous hands. Therefore, you'll take part to a real Poker gameā€¦ in a much sexier way.

What is offer?
  • There's no subscription, you pay only once!

  • You download the game, install it on your computer and you play as much as you want!

  • New opponents are regularly added.

  • To make up your mind, don't hesitate to download the free demo of our strip-poker and to discover the other games and all the sexy girls of

Explore a new kind of adult video game! All the games are based on interactive videos and very sexy strip tease.

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